Lewis Center OH Real Estate Market Update May 2016

Lewis Center OH Real Estate Market Report May 2016

Low inventory has been the story on the national housing market, and the Lewis Center OH real estate market is no exception. The low housing inventory and increased buyer demand has brought home prices up nationwide.

In the current Lewis Center Seller's Market, home buyers may be struggling to find their dream home. While high demand and low inventory may be great for sellers, for buyers this potentially means difficulty finding a home, multiple offers when they do find a home, and offers that are above asking price.

But buyers, don't throw in the towel! Because with both interest rates and prices in Lewis Center predicted to rise, it is still an ideal time to lock in a fantastic rate and get a good value long term on Lewis Center OH real estate.

Let's Look At The Lewis Center OH Real Estate Numbers

With the first quarter in our rear view mirror and the spring housing frenzy upon us, let's take a minute to look into Lewis Center, OH real estate market statistics from the major housing websites. If you're a Lewis Center home owner and it's been some time since you checked out the local real estate market, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Columbus market is now considered a Seller's Market on Zillow.

1st Quarter Real Estate Market Data For Lewis Center, OH

Days On Market Edging Down In Lewis Center 

According to Realtor.com, homes for sale are selling quickly on the Lewis Center OH real estate market, with only 37 days on the market in March 2016. This is down from 41 days on market in March 2015 and 58 days on market in January 2013. For buyers, lower days on market means you need to see Lewis Center real estate listings the moment they hit the market. Then, when you see a home you like, call me to schedule a showing immediately. With such a low average days on market, this means that the best houses are going under contract in a matter of days.

Lewis Center's Median Listing Price Creeping Up

The median listing price according to Realtor.com is $341,000, which is up from $250k three years ago. Median closing price for Lewis Center OH real estate is $267,000 on Realtor.com. The median Listing Price Per Square Foot is also on the rise in Lewis Center. The March 2016 median listing price per square foot according to Realtor.com was $120. This is up from $110 in March 2015, and up from $100 in March 2013.

Zillow is predicting Columbus area home values will rise 3.5% over the next year, so now is still a great time to start your home search in Lewis Center.

Finding Lewis Center OH Real Estate For Sale

If you're ready to buy a home, but you're having a hard time in a seller's market, let a Lewis Center OH real estate professional help you get the upper hand in your home search.

Get the latest Lewis Center real estate listings with our Hot Homes List. Our Lewis Center Hot Homes List gives you access to the newest listings in Lewis Center! You'll see homes for sale before other buyers, and you'll even see homes before they hit Zillow or Trulia! 

14,986 Homes Sold Yesterday… Did Yours?

Homes.Sold.YesterdayThere are some homeowners that have been waiting for months to get a price they hoped for when they originally listed their house for sale. The only thing they might want to consider is… If it hasn't sold yet, maybe it's not priced properly.

After all 14,986 houses sold yesterday, 14,986 will sell today and 14,986 will sell tomorrow.


That is the average number of homes that sell each and every day in this country according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Existing Home Sales Report. NAR reported that sales are at an annual rate of 5.59 million. Divide that number by 365 (days in a year) and we can see that, on average, over 14,986 homes sell every day.

The report from NAR also revealed that there is currently only a 4.0-month supply of inventory available for sale, (6-months inventory is considered ‘historically normal’).

This means that there are not enough homes available for sale to satisfy the buyers who are out in the market now in record numbers.

Bottom Line

We realize that you want to get the fair market value for your home. However, if it hasn't sold in today's active real estate market, perhaps you should reconsider your current asking price.

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Selling a House is a Business Decision

Empty Nest - Bird HouseIt is likely you are making a decision to sell your house. Maybe you have decided to downsize from your empty nest, or perhaps, the house you have right now is too small, or a job/business relocation is causing you to move. Whatever your circumstance you must take into consideration a very important thing about selling your house: it is a business transaction. There is very little room for sentiment.

The Value Could Make You Upset

You can be under the impression the home is worth more than the real estate agent says it is worth. Your house may be assessed at a value you do not like.  It’s important that you do not take it personally. The value of your property might be determined by things beyond your control. The school district, location including accessibility, crime rate in the neighborhood, and the sale price of recently sold homes are going to be taken into consideration. You might think that your home is in great condition. The inspection could point out some necessary repairs and improvements. A final dilemma happens should you decline to make any needed repairs or not budge on the price. Your house may be on the market too long and you will then be forced to lower your price.

Your Home is Called “Property” to Others

You’ve made memories in your home and you have the photos to prove it. The problem is accepting that the treasured old times do not mean anything to a prospective buyer. You have to make some sensible decisions. For example, you painted your kitchen cherry red; buyers may hate the shade. The same might be true for the wallpaper. It may be frustrating because the pattern is a favorite to you. Despite everything, and for the sake of the sale you might want to consider taking down all of the wallpaper and paint the rooms woodmont cream or some other color that is fashionable.

Let Me Help You

I fully understand some of the frustrations a seller may encounter. I will listen to your concerns and then gently point out what will get the highest price for you. I will go the distance to market your property. I not only have a website, but I am well represented on social media. I do everything possible to get your house shown to as many potential buyers as possible. The negotiation over the sales price can be very emotional. I will work as a dedicated third-party on your behalf.  I work to provide the best service for those whom I am proud to call my clients.

If you are contemplating selling your Central Ohio home, please feel free to contact me. I can arrange an appointment at a time convenient for yourself and discuss with you how I will help in the sale. It is not easy to part with the old place, but there is a new house just waiting for you to walk through the door. I can help with both the selling and the buying. Please do feel free to contact me at 614-270-4499 or by email at rboswell@kw.com.

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Should you refinance your home even if you plan to sell?


Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.33.46 AM

Should you refinance your home even if you plan to sell? – Wondering what to do in terms of your home refinancing when you plan to sell your house soon? Is it still worth refinancing?  Refinancing could still make sense in the long run.  Here are a few tips that will help aid your decision of refinancing your home.


Take advantage of lower interest rates


Investigating the process of refinancing is worth the time if it could save you money on your mortgage rates.  Who wouldn’t want to save some extra money?  The money save could be out towards a down payment on your next home (or that new car you have be eyeing).  Having a lower interest rate could lower the monthly mortgage payment and save you more money in the long run.  


Financial circumstances could change


You are planning on selling your home in the coming months but suddenly, your partner (or you) loses their income, or someone becomes ill, or your money for a new house is needed elsewhere in the family budget.  Refinancing could save you money in the meantime until you are ready for that new house.  You never know what could happen financially and taking advantage of refinancing to a lower interest rate could potentially be beneficial to the household income.


Facing a higher rate on your ARM loan


ARM interest rates adjust every so often and when the adjustment time is approaching, there is a possibility that the interest rate will increase.  Typically, it is in the best interest of the owner to refinance when they see the interest rate at a percentage they can afford before their adjustment period occurs and the interest rate ends up being higher than what they are currently paying.  It is always best to speak with a professional about ARM loans and interest rate forecasts, etc.

When the time comes to decide whether or not to refinance your home, it is always best to talk to a professional that can help you through the process.  They know the ins and outs of loans and the different types that will be the most beneficial to you.  Professionals in this area can help navigate through the loan vocabulary and help you better understand the process and if the timing is right to refinance your home loan.

Contact me today for a list of great mortgage professionals in this area.



7 Ways To Keep Your Home Showing Ready in the Winter


7 Ways To Keep Your Home Showing Ready in the Winter-Some people think it is almost impossible to sell their homes in the winter because it’s hard to keep a buyer interested when the weather outside is frightful. Fortunately, there are a plethora of things you can do to prepare your home for a showing this season. Even small tasks can make the biggest difference when it comes to keeping your home attractive to buyers. Here are seven ways to keep your home showing-ready this winter.


Shovel the Snow

Make sure the snow in your driveway and walkway leading up to your house is clear and plowed. Nothing will scare potential buyers away more than having to trudge through a foot of slushy snow. It will also help enhance the curb appeal.


Salt the Walkways

On a related note, salting the sidewalks is always a good idea. Eliminate the possibility of a disaster with the potential home buyer and make sure they’re able to get in the house without slipping.


Let There Be Light

Add extra lamps to the rooms in your home to brighten it up. Even in the middle of the day it can appear to be a bit gray outside, so adding lamps will help brighten up the space to make it more inviting to a potential buyer.


Festive Decor

Something as simple as a holiday welcome mat on your front porch will do wonders. It makes your home seem not inviting, but also festive and ready for the holiday season.


Crank the Heat

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to make it 80 degrees, but make it warm enough that it will be a relief for the potential buyers to step in from the cold outdoors. If they walk in cold and remain cold the whole time, it may be a turn off.


Display Photos

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what a home will look like in the spring and fall if it’s masked by feet of snow. Display pictures of your home in other seasons to show the potential buyer how beautiful your home will be, year-round.


Do Some Baking

Bake some holiday cookies in advance of potential buyers viewing your home. Not only will the wonderful smell take over your house, but you’ll have some festive treats to share with the potential buyers.


For more ways to keep you home showing ready this season, visit here.

Staging Your Home To Sell: Secrets From The Experts

Staging Your Home To Sell - Secrets From The Experts rita boswell

Are you selling your home? You may want to consider staging it to attract buyers and allow them to imagine it being their home.

“Buyers can only imagine what they see, not what it’s going to be,” says Barb Schwarz, a broker who now focuses entirely on staging homes with her International Association of Home Staging Professionals. “If you don’t clean the carpet or don’t take down the flocked wallpaper or the teenager’s walls are painted bright purple, the buyer can’t envision it any other way.”


Staging a home can make the biggest difference in your selling process. Investing in staging can actually bring better returns on a home in the long-run!


Curb Appeal isn’t just a catchy phrase created to boost landscapers’ income. It’s a crucial first impression that can make buyers either wary of stopping to look or else eager to step inside. Make sure that your lawn and garden look great, trash cans and bikes are put away, house numbers are attractive and easy to see, the front door is spectacular (because you’ve replaced or painted it and perhaps updated the hardware), and you have attractive potted plants by the door.


First Impressions come the minute a potential buyer steps inside your home. Coats on a rack, shoes underneath and keys and other doodads in a dish on a console table may show that you’re a fabulous organizer, but this look is not the way to sell a home. Put the coats and shoes in a closet, the keys in your purse and a vase of flowers on the table.


Time To Clean! Or hire a cleaning crew to come regularly while your home is on the market, or at least for a one-time super-cleaning. Don’t skip windows (inside and out), behind the toilet, bathroom grout, under sinks. Actually move your furniture to vacuum behind and under it.


Rearranging Is Key. Arrange your furnishings to frame — not obscure — views, fireplaces and other architectural details. Put tall objects (furniture, vases, paintings or plants) against tall walls. Highlight, don’t block, the traffic flow. Grab a couple of sturdy friends and play with different ways to arrange your furniture. Pay attention to your friends’ opinions.