Selling a House is a Business Decision

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Empty Nest - Bird HouseIt is likely you are making a decision to sell your house. Maybe you have decided to downsize from your empty nest, or perhaps, the house you have right now is too small, or a job/business relocation is causing you to move. Whatever your circumstance you must take into consideration a very important thing about selling your house: it is a business transaction. There is very little room for sentiment.

The Value Could Make You Upset

You can be under the impression the home is worth more than the real estate agent says it is worth. Your house may be assessed at a value you do not like.  It’s important that you do not take it personally. The value of your property might be determined by things beyond your control. The school district, location including accessibility, crime rate in the neighborhood, and the sale price of recently sold homes are going to be taken into consideration. You might think that your home is in great condition. The inspection could point out some necessary repairs and improvements. A final dilemma happens should you decline to make any needed repairs or not budge on the price. Your house may be on the market too long and you will then be forced to lower your price.

Your Home is Called “Property” to Others

You’ve made memories in your home and you have the photos to prove it. The problem is accepting that the treasured old times do not mean anything to a prospective buyer. You have to make some sensible decisions. For example, you painted your kitchen cherry red; buyers may hate the shade. The same might be true for the wallpaper. It may be frustrating because the pattern is a favorite to you. Despite everything, and for the sake of the sale you might want to consider taking down all of the wallpaper and paint the rooms woodmont cream or some other color that is fashionable.

Let Me Help You

I fully understand some of the frustrations a seller may encounter. I will listen to your concerns and then gently point out what will get the highest price for you. I will go the distance to market your property. I not only have a website, but I am well represented on social media. I do everything possible to get your house shown to as many potential buyers as possible. The negotiation over the sales price can be very emotional. I will work as a dedicated third-party on your behalf.  I work to provide the best service for those whom I am proud to call my clients.

If you are contemplating selling your Central Ohio home, please feel free to contact me. I can arrange an appointment at a time convenient for yourself and discuss with you how I will help in the sale. It is not easy to part with the old place, but there is a new house just waiting for you to walk through the door. I can help with both the selling and the buying. Please do feel free to contact me at 614-270-4499 or by email at

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