7 Ways To Keep Your Home Showing Ready in the Winter

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7 Ways To Keep Your Home Showing Ready in the Winter-Some people think it is almost impossible to sell their homes in the winter because it’s hard to keep a buyer interested when the weather outside is frightful. Fortunately, there are a plethora of things you can do to prepare your home for a showing this season. Even small tasks can make the biggest difference when it comes to keeping your home attractive to buyers. Here are seven ways to keep your home showing-ready this winter.


Shovel the Snow

Make sure the snow in your driveway and walkway leading up to your house is clear and plowed. Nothing will scare potential buyers away more than having to trudge through a foot of slushy snow. It will also help enhance the curb appeal.


Salt the Walkways

On a related note, salting the sidewalks is always a good idea. Eliminate the possibility of a disaster with the potential home buyer and make sure they’re able to get in the house without slipping.


Let There Be Light

Add extra lamps to the rooms in your home to brighten it up. Even in the middle of the day it can appear to be a bit gray outside, so adding lamps will help brighten up the space to make it more inviting to a potential buyer.


Festive Decor

Something as simple as a holiday welcome mat on your front porch will do wonders. It makes your home seem not inviting, but also festive and ready for the holiday season.


Crank the Heat

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to make it 80 degrees, but make it warm enough that it will be a relief for the potential buyers to step in from the cold outdoors. If they walk in cold and remain cold the whole time, it may be a turn off.


Display Photos

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what a home will look like in the spring and fall if it’s masked by feet of snow. Display pictures of your home in other seasons to show the potential buyer how beautiful your home will be, year-round.


Do Some Baking

Bake some holiday cookies in advance of potential buyers viewing your home. Not only will the wonderful smell take over your house, but you’ll have some festive treats to share with the potential buyers.


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