Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces – Tired of shoving things into places they don't belong? Sick of losing things because there's simply not enough room in your home? Problem solved! With these creative storage solutions, you can regain control over your space and achieve organization once more. 


Wall Strips

Some spaces you may not have deemed useful are those tiny strips of wall that are too small for artwork or pictures. We can often find these above or beside sinks in your bathroom and kitchen. Install some floating shelves in these spaces to de-clutter countertops. Then throw your toothbrush or dish soap on the shelving to provide a few more inches for your primping or cooking. Ikea offers great floating shelves of every style and length that might work for your small wall space.


Vertical Space

Another option for storing goods is to stop looking around you and begin looking above. Vertical space is a prime area for storage solutions you may have not considered before. Keeping dishes and appliances often used for special occasions may fit nicely on top of your kitchen cabinets. Also, installing a pot rack is always a no-brainer, storage saver. You can even mount pegs on your wall to store foldable chairs to keep on hand for extra guests in your living room or dining area.


Cabinets & Closets

You may already have a few storage spaces, such as under sinks or inside closets that you aren’t using to their maximum potential. Attach baskets to the back of cabinet doors to add a few extra inches of space for sponges and cleaners. Additionally, install shelves under the sink to take advantage of all the space, not just the ground space. Add a shoes rack to your closet door to open up floor space, hooks on the walls under your clothing rack for purses, totes, and briefcases, and low shelves on the floor for knick-knacks and other storage needs.


Smart Furniture & Creative Decor

Your bedroom can be especially frustrating place to store items due to the amount of storage it actually requires- space for clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, linens, etc. Buy some framed corkboard to hang on your walls, and artfully hang your jewelry to make space on your dresser for other needs. Purchase some under the bed drawers for extra blankets and pillows.  Rather than having a table nightstand, buy one with shelving to add some extra room.


For creative storage solutions, take a walk through your home with a new perspective on space. Seek out square footage that is not typically considered- under your couch, high on your walls, your ceilings, and take advantage of what you find. With a few pieces of hardware and a little imagination, you can transform your home into a more organized place.