Homeowner Tip: Undoing Water Damage In Your Home

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Homeowner Tip: Undoing Water Damage In Your Home – Water damage in your home can be devastating. Not only can you lose meaningful mementos, there can also be serious damage to the foundation. Here are six tips to help you undo the water damage in your home.


Dry It Out

Whether you need to rent industrial-size fans, or you have a small fan that will do the job, get them going to dry out the area that has been affected by the water. Once the area is dry you can assess the damage and figure out how to move forward.


New Paint Job

When you've dried out the area, if there is only visible damage on the exterior of a wall, a new paint job will do the trick.


Wet Insulation

If you find out there is wet insulation in the interior of the wall, check it out and replace it. It could be hiding damaged areas or screws. It’s best to replace the insulation immediately, rather than find out later on that it has done too much damage.



With water damage comes mold, and even less-harmful kinds of mold can affect your health. Tackle mold with a solution of 1 part bleach to 8 parts water – spray on the area, wait a few minutes and wipe away.


Clean Hard Surfaces

Some hardwood floors can bend and buckle, so it’s best to clean them and get them as dry as possible, as fast as possible.


Seek Help

Water damage is not something to take lightly – you’d rather be safe than sorry. Contact a water damage restoration professional to assess the damage and inform you on how to take care of the problem before it gets worse.


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