Holiday Decorating Trends 2014

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Holiday Decorating Trends 2014 – Holiday décor trends change from year to year. Each year your holiday decorations can provide an exciting change to your home décor. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be the most exciting holidays to decorate for! Decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas can bring an element of serenity and tranquility that only come during this time of year.

Below we have provided you with some exciting holiday decorating ideas…

Textures: Holiday trends for 2014 involve lots of different textures. Through DIY projects and premade decorates, textures create a visual interest in the room. For holidays this year, you can apply texture by using things like faux fur, burlap and wood for your homemade decorations.

Vintage: Vintage decorates are the new hit look this year! Vintage has repeated itself in 2014. Take your old decorates and re-purpose them into contemporary decorations for the holidays. You can take your old and make them new for decorating themes for 2014.

Tranquil: Any pastel colors, light green, pale blue or soft red are a trendy and modern way to add tranquility to your home during the holidays. Less is the best way to make your home have a serene and tranquil feel.

Shimmer and Shine: Two of the most common holiday trends you see in homes are shining and shimmery decorations. This is including, lots of gold and silver in your décor. It’s okay to keep the traditional gold and silver decorations. Just think BIG this year, buy oversized gold bows, ribbons and ornaments for the tree.

What is your favorite holiday decorates? Let me us know!